viernes, 26 de abril de 2013


For the teaser we picked Juan Giriber, whom we met in Spring 2012. His age is not exactly known, but way over 70 he is still stoked about surfing as much as then when he and some friends saw the first pictures of a guy riding a wave in the 1960s. Being one of the first surfers in Spain then, he not only discovered many surfable beaches which are now well known to the surfing community - he also grew famous in Spain to supposedly be the inventor of "el invento" (in English: the invention), in the rest of the world simply called "the leash". Take a quick stroll through the loads of footage we filmed for OldYoungSea, an extract of 2 minutes. Currently we are living in the editing room, almost 24/7 - and we work hard on the release of "The Old, the Young & the Sea"! So, this is some of the images buzzing through our heads before sleeping in late at night. OldYoungSea is 150 faces, 150 characters, 150 stories and about 1mio emotions! On our journey last year we met all these people and now want to show you some parts out of their lives.

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